1794 Scriba Mansion

Constantia, NY


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The house is in easy walking distance of a marina on Oneida Lake.

The property backs up to an old railroad bed which runs 40 miles from Rome to Oswego and is used for snowmobiles, ATVs, hiking, cross country skiing, horseback riding. This also gives access to other trail systems that intersect with the railroad bed.


In addition to the appliances and curtains, the following items are original to the house and will remain with it: 1820 square piano in the music room, table in the front hall, primitive bench in the West hall, iron cookware in the living room fireplace and two tools used in building the house, an adze and a race knife(scribe).

The following are items that can remain with the house if the purchaser would like them: butcher block in kitchen (I will be keeping the can opener), antique safe in basement, armoires in both front bedrooms , 1860 square piano in music room, entertainment center in the rear West bedroom .

As a unique property Broker I have been around Upstate New York and seen a lot of amazing properties.

This property has an incredibly wide arrange of lifestyle amenities. It is truly amazing.

For example: It is one of the oldest houses in the region and is an incredibly important historical property. The ties it has to the foundation of this country are unique. But also it is walking distance from Oneida Lake and a marina so the opportunities for watersports and fishing are terrific.

It also has ample acreage and has been used by the current owner for equestrian purposes and in fact at one time they housed as many as 11 horses on the property. The barn has 8 stalls.

It has a multitude of tree species on the property including an Apricot tree, a Giant Oak, and anchient Lilacs and cherry trees.

The property also features an incredible in-ground pool.

The property also supports commercial zoning and has a separate building that was a former post office for the town, and has also been used as an antique store and work shop.

The house itself has a music room full of period pianos.

The property has a creek and a dam and if the buyer would like to maintain the dam they could put the pond back in place that has been there for many years and there are opportunities for water power.

And the creek feeds into Oneida Lake so if desired there is the possibility to Kayak or canoe right into Oneida Lake directly from the property.

The 5 fire places in the home provide an environment for both casual and formal living that can provide a feel as if you are living in the immediate post colonial times.

This home is called Scriba Mansion not in that it is a Mansion by todays standards, but from the standards of 1795 this home was a monumental structure for its day and in its context.

The home has charactor. It has emenities. George Scriba was one of the richest people in the United States at the time he built this home. Its setting annd configuration was chosen by a man who could have built anywhere, but he chose to build on this exact spot for many reasons. I suspect it was chosen to provide an opportunity for the amenities mentioned above.

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